Restaurant Space

The restaurant is located at the end of the renowned Royal Route, in the area of the John III Sobieski’s Palace in Wilanów.

In 1681 architect Augustin Locci was asked by the king John III Sobieski to build an inn. The building owes its present appearance to Francesco Maria Lanci, an Italian architect, who in 1840-1850 restructured it completely giving it a classicist style.

Restauracja Wilanów is a place where you can taste delicious dishes of Polish cuisine prepared according to traditional recipes by true masters of cuisine. Our specialities are game dishes with fragrant spices and mushrooms. We also recommend dishes of international cuisine, like impressive flambéd dishes.

In the restaurant there is the Hunter’s Room (Sala Myśliwska) waiting for our guests. It is decorated in an impressive way, being a cosy place, ideal for gatherings with your family and friends as well as business meetings. The Hunter’s Room accommodates up to 120 persons.

If you are interested in the original Polish cuisine at its best, Warsaw and Wilanów is the best direction for you. We invite you for an exquisite feast in royal style.

We are among the best restaurants in Warsaw!