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What happened to Eagles of Death Metal?

Eagles of Death Metal were on stage in Paris on the night of 13 November 2015 when terrorists stormed the venue and killed 89 people.

Is Dave Grohl in Eagles of Death Metal?

Dave Grohl, Queens Of The Stone Age frontman and Eagles Of Death Metal singer Jesse Hughes have been pictured in the studio together. Hughes posted a picture of the trio on his Instagram page but later deleted it. You can view the photo below.

Who is the lead singer of Eagles of Death Metal?

Jesse Hughes was on a roll, then the Paris attacks happened. So he turned to music to heal. When I pull up in front of Jesse Hughes’ Los Angeles home, the Eagles of Death Metal frontman is already walking down the driveway and gives me an order to walk with him to the gas station on the corner.

Who are the members of Eagles of Death Metal?

Eagles of Death Metal At The Vogue Eagles of Death Metal are an American rock band which formed in Palm Desert, California in 1998. The band consists of Jesse Hughes (vocals, guitar) and Josh Homme (drums), who are also the only constant members of the band.

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Why are they called Eagles of Death Metal?

When he played a song by the Polish band Vader and made a claim that the song was within the death metal genre, Homme then referred to Vader as “The Eagles of Death Metal”. After hearing this phrase, he wondered what a cross between the Eagles and a death metal band would sound like. With that, the band was born.

What genre are the Eagles of Death Metal?


When was the Paris shooting?

Jesse Hughes, 43 I’m not calling the man God, but he is carved out of stone by God; he’s a 6ft 5in living Excalibur who doesn’t need anything from anyone.

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