Czytelnicy pytają: In The Arms Of An Angel?

Who originally sang in the arms of an angel?

The lyrics are about the death of Jonathan Melvoin (1961–1996), the Smashing Pumpkins’ touring keyboard player, from a heroin overdose, as McLachlan explained on VH1 Storytellers. It is sometimes mistitled as “In the Arms of an Angel” or “Arms of the Angel”.

What happened to Sarah Mclaughlin?

McLachlan is now at work on her first album of new songs since 2014’s “Shine On.” Apart from her daughters being older, how much more (or less) difficult is it for her to make time to write and record her music now? ‘ And it was my most successful album ever. That happens.

What movie has the song in the arms of an angel?

McLachlan and her husband Ashwin Sood, who plays drums in her band, reside in Vancouver. They have two daughters, six-year-old Ann Sushil and Taja Summer, 14 months.

How old is Sarah McLachlan now?

First there was her marriage to Sood, her best friend and drummer of seven years. Next came the release of Surfacing, the multiplatinum follow-up to McLachlan’s multi platinum Fumbling Towards Ecstasy.

When did in the arms of an angel come out?

He was 41. He died of lung cancer, his publicists said. Mr. Healey, who was blind, played his guitar with the instrument flat on his lap, resulting in what Guitar Player magazine called “astoundingly fluid bends and vibrato.” He blended jazz, rock and the blues.

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