Czytelnicy pytają: Take Me To Church Lyrics?

What is the meaning behind Take Me to Church song?

Lyrically, “Take Me to Church” is a metaphor, with the protagonist comparing his lover to religion. The song grew out of Hozier’s frustration with the Catholic Church which, as somebody raised in the Protestant Quaker faith, he saw as dominating the social and political outlook of the Irish state.

Who sang Take Me to the Church?

In terms of rhythm, “Take Me To Church” also stands alone in the current pop-scape. So too are the metric shifts to quick passages of 4/4 at the end of the verses; this is likewise unmatched anywhere else on the pop charts. That this all feels organic in “Take Me to Church” is a musical achievement.

What is Hozier’s real name?

Hozier is reportedly dating Saoirse Ronan.

What is a church in Christianity?

Church, in Christian doctrine, the Christian religious community as a whole, or a body or organization of Christian believers.

Is Hozier a one hit wonder?

One of the most soulful one-hit wonders from the 2010’s, Hozier originally recorded “Take Me to Church” in his parents’ attic. The struggling Irish musician released it as a free download before including the track on his 2014 self-titled debut album.

How do you pronounce Hozier musician?

Although he says it’s ok to say ho-jer, when Hozier says his own name, he says hose-ee-er.

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