FAQ: Adele Set Fire To The Rain?

Who sang the song Set Fire to the Rain?

Is it possible to set rain on fire?

Is it possible to set fire to the rain, or do you have to be Adele? – Quora. Yes. First of all, water actually normally puts out fires by removing heat, cooling the burning material enough to stop further fuel igniting.

How old is Adel?

The song’s live rendition from the DVD Live at the Royal Albert Hall won the Grammy Award for Best Pop Solo Performance at the 55th Annual Grammy Awards.

What is set on fire?

Cause to ignite and burn, as in The drought and high wind combined to set the woods on fire. [ c. 1400]

What album is set fire to the rain on?

Use “in the rain”, because the rain is around you, not just above you. Something like “in the water”. That would be underwater, under the surface of the water.

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