FAQ: Smoke On The Water Tabs?

Is Smoke on the Water easy to play?

This is known as the first song a guitar player should play. It’s a super easy electric guitar song for beginners.

How does smoke on the water go?

The British rock band Deep Purple, shown here in 1971, wrote the hit song “Smoke on the Water,” after watching the casino in Montreux, Switzerland, go up in flames later that year. The casino caught fire during a Frank Zappa concert.

What is D4 chord?

The D4 chord, often called a D4sus (suspended) chord, is used in piano music to create a fuller, more interesting sound in certain songs. The “4” in the chord suggests the presence of a note that is a fourth above D, which happens to be the G note.

Why is smoke on the water called 035?

It is from the ancient text, “Smoke on the Water,” which was written by Deep Purple. It is written in a strange format of writing called “tablature.” The inexplicable power of 035 is believed to lie in its ability to be played in an awkward situation, that can not be resolved in any other way.

Can’t handle the smoke meaning?

We want all the smoke is a hip-hop phrase used by a member of a group to signal they are ready to battle. It originally referred to gun battles but is now used of friendlier challenges.

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What year Smoke on the Water?


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