Szybka Odpowiedź: Elton John I’m Still Standing?

Why did Elton John made I’m still standing?

Elton further shows his ex that he is doing much better now that they are not together. He uses the phrase “I’m still standing” to depict his rising up from the hurt which made him fall. He sees himself as a survivor who has been able to pick back the broken pieces of his life without thinking of his ex.

Did Elton John wrote I’m still standing?

Written in collaboration with songwriter Bernie Taupin, the song was released on his album Too Low for Zero. The lyrics of the song were inspired by a difficult relationship he was in. It’s a success story about recovering from terrible heartbreak when the other person in the relationship treated him poorly.

Did Elton John go to the Betty Ford Clinic?

In 2002, he entered a substance abuse and psychiatric center in Connecticut to kick his bad habit. Three years later, he spent 30 days in the Betty Ford Center for treatment of alcohol-related problems. John, who has also spent time in rehab, goes on to criticize the Piano Man’s previous attempts to get sober.

Who married Elton John?

Arlene went on to choreograph the video for I’m Still Standing by Elton John, which features Bruno and is the only one in which Elton dances.

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What is Elton Johns net worth?

While his companies provide limited evidence of his wealth, one, J Bondi, showed net assets of £19.4 million in 2019-20, a £17.4 million rise on the previous year.

Where is Elton John?

Pinner, United Kingdom

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