Szybka Odpowiedź: Fivb World Cup 2019?

Who is the current world champion in volleyball?

The initial gap between championships was variable, but since 1962 they have been awarded every four years. The current champion is Poland, which won its third title at the 2018 tournament defending the championship title.

Has Japan ever won the volleyball World Cup?

The 13 World Cup tournaments have been won by five different national teams. China have won five times. The other World Cup winners are Cuba, with four titles; Italy, with two titles; and Japan and Russia (as Soviet Union), with one title each.

Who won the volleyball World Cup 2018?

Who won the volleyball World Cup 2020?

Initially the tournament was played in the year following the Olympic Games, except for 1973 when no tournament was held, but since 1991 the World Cup has been awarded in the year preceding the Olympic Games. The current champion is Brazil, which won its third title at the 2019 tournament.

How long can you touch a volleyball?

Gameplay. After the serve, each team tries to send the ball onto the other side of the court. A team may touch the ball no more than three times. The same player can’t touch the ball twice in a row.

What is the height of volleyball antenna?

The antenna is a flexible rod, 1.8m long and 10mm in diameter and made of fibreglass or similar material. It is fastened on opposite sides of the net. The top of the antenna extends 80cm above the net and is marked with 10cm stripes of contrasting colour, usually red and white.

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